DIY Tiny House Plans - The Hazel Design with its Porch and Spare Room Add On

Living in the "Hazel" Tiny House is a Dream Come True

This stunning tiny house design is one I get to enjoy each and every day - it's the home of me and my little girl. Living in this tiny house is a dream come true. It was designed for privacy and to feel spacious. Probably the coolest feature of this house is that the master bedroom is so user friendly with a walkway that wraps around half of the room. 

This set of plans INCLUDES the Porch and Spare Room add on.

Please read on for more details on this design and what you get when you purchase the plans....

*Please note* Pricing is in $US (US$290 equates to around  NZ$440)

Tiny House Plans - Hazel Design Plus Spare Room and Porch

Tiny House Plans - Hazel Design Plus Spare Room and Porch


Watch the Full Video Tour Of This Home Below

Live Your Best Life in This Epic Tiny House Design - Floor Layout

I've totally graduated from a good life to my best life since I moved into this little dream home. I am so content and grateful. It's layout was a collaboration between me and my mom and it's priority is real life Liveability and Aesthetics!

Tiny House Sizing: Comes in both 2.5 or 2.8 wide versions (8′2 and 9′2) x 8.5 meters (28′) + angled extension over drawbar. Height 4.25 meters (13′11) including trailer.

Porch/ Spare room comes in both 2.5 meters wide and 2.8 meters wide. 

All plan sizes will be downloadable after purchase. 

*Please note plans will be available in Imperial system shortly. Anybody who purchases plans before Imperial plans are available can simply email us after the 12th July 2010 and we will reply with the imperial plans PDF. 

Cook up a storm in this HUGE kitchen...

The comment everybody makes when they walk into my kitchen is "It's huge - probably as big as the kitchen in a regular sized home!". Featuring a wall oven, 4 burner gas hob, large fridge, six cupboards, 2 sets of drawers and a breakfast bar! It is a joy to use and I absolutely love this part of my home. 

Get Comfy and Enjoy the View From Your Spacious Lounge

This 4 seater sofa fits easily in the dedicated lounge space in the "Hazel" Tiny House Design - in front of it is an extra large 3 pane bifolding door - bringing abundant light and views into your home. 

3 Beautiful and private bedrooms - one with a full height wrap around walkway!

Both mine and my daughters bedrooms are beautiful and private sanctuaries. Located at opposite sides of the house from each other and with their own doors - they're private but beautifully connected via a full height "Catwalk" which allows for safe access to and from each others bedrooms. My bedroom feels very much like a bedroom in a regular home (only more charming!) and Hazels is a precious loft space with everything she could need (including many unicorns!). The Third Bedroom is the additional "Spare Room" Located on the porch but accessed through an exterior door on the core tiny house.

A Large Luxurious Bathroom

With a large 900x900 shower, double vanity, hidden toilet and dirty laundry cupboard - this bathroom has everything you could need! A large window and huge mirror makes it feel more spacious than any bathroom I've ever had!

Future Proof with a Seperate Porch/Spare Room!

A major consideration of the "Hazel" design with the porch and Spare room is FUTURE-PROOFING! For me, it means that no matter how my family changes and grows, this tiny house can stay our home. See the video below for more of my thoughts on future-proofing.

Watch the Full Video Tour Of This Home Below

What Do You Get When You Purchase Our Plans?

Thorough birds eye floorplans with detailed measurements and layout descriptions

Detailed Framing Construction Plans in our tried and tested method which uses a combination of steel (for lofts and roof) and timber (for walls) and SIPS for roofing - combining the benefits of a number of materials in areas that it makes sense. Most of all, it's DIY friendly!

Window/Door schedule

Overviews of how the different frame elements fit and sit together

All of the above in both 2.5 and 2.8 wide versions (8′2 and 9′2)

Porch and Spare Room plans

Tiny House Plans - Hazel Design Plus Spare Room and Porch

Tiny House Plans - Hazel Design Plus Spare Room and Porch


*Please note* Pricing is in $US (US$290 equates to around under NZ$440)