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Every Tiny Home We Build is Built With Love

Each and every home we build is built with genuine care. As a team we strive to be Worldwide leaders in what we do by continually building some of the most beautiful and livable tiny homes available anywhere in the world.

With over 100 stunning homes built to date, we would love to create your home for you too!

If you would like information on our tiny house planning and build process or payment schedule, click here. Or if you have a bunch of questions flying around and would love to have them answered, check out our Frequently Asked Questions! 


Please explore our website and our designs (Click the drop down menu
"Designs" to see our designs!) and if your would like to enquire about building with us, you can contact us here.


 We look forward to hearing from you!

Build Process and Payment Schedule

Our Process

As a business owner and human who genuinely cares, I want the build process to go smoothly. I want all our clients to know what to expect and to understand how we work. If you are considering getting your tiny home built by us, please read this page so that you understand the process of building a tiny home with us.  

1) Enquiry Stage

During this stage, we invite you to come have a look at our workshops and builds we have in progress or complete at our workshop. We catchup in person or via email/phone and address any questions you may have about your potential build, along with available build times and current pricing guides for your preferred plan.

This is where if you want something a bit more custom to send through your drawings, Pinterest pictures, vision board, etc so we can understand what you're thinking. We are open to looking into custom builds and should we truly believe in the design and that it would be a joy to live in, Shaye is more than happy to look into this. Customisations do however come with a cost due to needing to get the design structurally sound, new steel framing plans etc just to keep in mind. Depending on how intricate the design, there may be a custom fee attached, we will advise you of this if so. 


2) Build Deposit

Once you are satisfied that all your questions have been answered and you've inspected our homes (we're confident we build the best quality and most beautiful tiny homes in New Zealand and so strongly suggest in person viewings!) and you have decided you'd like to get your tiny home built by us, you can book your spot in our calendar. At this stage, you pay your (non-refundable) build deposit ($8000) which secures your booking and is later taken off your total quoted amount. Once this has been paid, we schedule a fun and thorough planning meeting with Shaye to discuss, in detail, the plan you have chosen and what selections you would like in your home. This meeting usually takes at least 2 hours where Shaye will listen to your preferences and priorities and use her experience to guide you towards personalising the tiny home of your dreams.


Within our series of designs you can personalise in the following way:

You can choose:

  • Your coloursteel cladding colour.

  • If you want timber features on your exterior cladding. 

  • Your exterior cladding materials.

  • To delete windows /doors if not required.

  • To add in a POD door if that particular design has a designated spot for one.

  • Whether you want a sliding kitchen window/main door, or if you want them bifolding. 

  • If you would like skylights.

  • Your flooring from our range of tried and tested flooring options.

  • Your cabinetry colours and style

  • If you want cabinetry installed in the bedrooms or left as a space you can customise yourself.

  • Your benchtop material from a wide range of stone, timber and formica.

  • Your kitchen splashback tiles.

  • Whether you want a tiled shower or acrylic shower. 

  • Your shower tiles. 

  • Underfloor heating in your bathroom

  • Your tapware colours and models from our thorough range of trustworthy suppliers.

  • Your kitchen sink 

  • Your paint colour and any feature wall paint colours or wallpaper.

  • Paneling feature walls

  • Your toilet model, flushing, waterless, composting, several different options.

  • Electrical plan 

  • Whether you would like us to provide your appliances such as fridge, air-conditioner, dishwasher etc (please note, often there are specific models that work best with the size available in the design - we will advise you of these models). 

  • A living wall feature, or a wall left blank for a feature artwork.

You can see from above that there is plenty of scope to make your home unique and yours!

2) Planning Meetings

During our fun and thorough planning meeting we aim to cover every aspect of your build which requires your unique personalisation - from cladding choices down to your kitchen handles! Because of the detail involved at this meeting we allow at least 2 hours to get everything covered. We do need to know roughly what your budget looks like so that we don't add in seven skylights when the budget can only consist for one :) We do aim to make the majority of decisions in this planning meeting - however if there are things you want to go away and think about, that's totally fine too! 

It is not impossible to change windows, we would just need to ensure that the structure of the home isn't impacted. Removing windows is easier than putting different windows in, however, not impossible. 

Kitchen cabinetry has also been designed in the best way to utilize the space. You are able to customise this if you wanted something in particular however we do have set kitchen cabinetry plans that work really well.

It can also be tricky to use items and materials that we don't supply or guarantee ourselves - the exception being if you have an old piece of furniture that you want to remake into something for your home, a special heirloom etc, we are happy to consider all things, let us know and we'll see if we can factor these in seamlessly. The materials that we use are tried and tested and we are happy to put our name and guarantee too.

3) Build Quote and Contract

After your planning meeting, we will email you a quote and contract to approve. This contract will include a full specification of your beautiful new home as well as price based on the discussions in your planning meeting. If the quote needs to be adjusted, we can offer you suggestions on components that could be changed to fit within your budget. 


4) Acceptance of Quote and Contract

When you are happy with everything contained within the quote and contract, all you need to do is sign it off (indicating your acceptance) and return to us. Once we have your signed quote and contract the price of it is fixed and any material increases that occur cannot affect your quote - this gives you peace of mind in these strange times of inflation. Your quote, however, is valid for 30 days so it must be accepted within that window of time. 

Once your signed contract is received, we'll get straight onto pre ordering all your components, so they are in our system and ready to go! It's super important to be aware that after a contract is signed it really breaks the flow of things to make any big changes on your decision - and so we can seldom allow it. It's really tricky to explain the knock-on effect of making changes once a build is entirely planned and booked into the system. Of course, if your build is a few weeks out and you discover an amazing tile you adore, we're happy to switch it... Or if you fall in love with a paint colour that you hadn't seen before - we can make that change - but for the most part once a contract is signed we do need to stick to it.

5) Building Begins

When the building of your tiny home begins, we welcome you to the workshop often to come and view its progress! You just need to let either Shaye or Tash know a day in advance for a viewing so we can be there to meet you and make sure our health and safety protocols are followed as we are a construction site. We're proud of our workmanship and know that we follow best build practices so have an "open door" policy in terms of seeing your home at various stages. 

If you are not based in Auckland and can't make your scheduled visits - then we are totally happy to video call and/or send photos - just let us know!

5) Completion of Your Home!

This is the exciting stage when your tiny home is about to be delivered. Our team would have been in touch indicating the approximate completion date of your home and connecting you with our preferred Tiny House haulage companies. The haulage company will need to inform you on transport costs and transport insurance so be sure to request this info if they haven't mentioned it. It can be handy to pencil in a date with a haulage company a month out from your estimated home completion date just so that you are on their radar!  

Shortly after booking with us, we will also provide you with information that will be helpful when setting up your brand-new tiny house onsite - so that you have plenty of time to get prepared. 

6) Visiting your Home

You are more than welcome to visit the workshop at any stage of your build. Please make contact with either Shaye or Tash via phone, email, to arrange the time with at least a minimum of one days' notice. This is to ensure that there are no hazards or safety risks on site at that time, and so that either Shaye or Tash are available to accommodate you on site. 

More Information on Our Payment Terms and Schedule


A non-refundable $8,000 booking fee is required to secure your build spot, which is then taken off your total quoted amount.



45%. Due 8 weeks prior to build starting date. Preliminary material ordering stage. Includes trailer, joinery, tapware, cabinetry and first stage building materials. If your date of booking is less than 8 weeks from your build starting, then we will discuss payment schedules together and come up with a plan that works for everybody.



25%. Due when your build has internal linings fitted and first-fit plumbing and electrics. (Approximately 3 weeks into the build). 



20%. Due when your build has reached the internal fit-out stage. (Approximately 6 weeks into the build). 



10% Balance remaining of the quoted price and any variations to the quoted price. This must be paid in full prior to your tiny house leaving our factory. (Approximately 1 week before delivery). At this stage of the build you are welcome to book an appointment with the team to have a final inspection and see your beautiful home complete!

There's seldom any extras that clients add during the build process (all decisions and selections are made in the planning stage and signed off in the contract) however, if there is a variation a client requests and we are able to make it, payment is required upon agreement of the variation/extra. 

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