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DIY Plans Terms and Conditions

The aim of our DIY Tiny House Plans is to empower others to build their own tiny home using some of the most beautiful and livable tiny house designs available. These designs have been created by Shaye through 7 years of tiny house obsession and over many unique builds. 

By purchasing these plans the purchaser agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Pre-made plans

These designs are the property of Shaye's Tiny Homes. Each plan is for a one-off build only. By purchasing the plans, you are acquiring a Single Person Use license for personal one-off builds only. Purchasing the plans does not allow you to rent, lease, sub-license, distribute, lend, sell or transfer the plans to any third party.

2. Liability

The plans provided by Shaye’s Tiny Homes are only design ideas and should never be interpreted as architectural plans. Shaye’s Tiny Homes are only providing design ideas to the purchaser and take no responsibility or liability in any damages that may occur.

3. Product content

By purchasing the plans, you will get 20 – 30 pages consisting of

  • A full set of floor plans and elevations as well as line drawn artist impressions.

  • Framing plans as per the methods used by Shaye's Tiny Homes.

  • Metric measurements (imperial floor plans for the Hazel design available)

4. Acknowledgement 

Images shared online (including social media) of your builds using our plans need to credit Shaye's Tiny Homes for Plans.


5. Disclaimer

Rules and regulations around building and towing vary from country to country. It is up to the purchaser to familiarise themselves with the requirements of their own country and adjust the plans accordingly.

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