International Builders 

We are currently looking for partners in Australia, Canada and the USA

Interested in our designs but live outside of New Zealand? We currently have affiliations with tiny house builders in the UK, to ensure that you are receiving a genuine "Shaye's Tiny Home". Built to your country's building code and to our unique design, we can make sure you will receive the quality that reputedly stands behind every single one of our houses.

Tiny ECO Homes UK

Landline: 01388 517711

Mobile: 07833 045540

Website: tinyecohomesuk.com 

Email: tinyecohomes@gmail.com

09 835 2599

Our New Zealand Builders

The Wanaka Tiny House Factory - Wanaka, New Zealand 

Our International Builders

Tiny ECO Homes UK - Riding Mill, Northumberland, England

Our Factory Locations 

Henderson - Auckland, New Zealand  

Kaiwaka - Northland, New Zealand  

Public Opening Hours

Henderson - By Appointment