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Meet our team

shaye's tiny homes New Zealand
Shaye Boddington Company Director at shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Shaye Boddington

Company Director

Tiny house obsessed, Shaye's days usually revolve around designing tiny's, discussing tiny's, building tiny's, and keeping the team guessing what her next crazy idea will be!

Sheila Boddington shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Sheila Boddington

DIY Plans and International Correspondent.

Team mother hen. Sheila is the glue that holds the workshop together. Patient, caring, perplexed by all the different names for slops, thongs and jandals. Can't cook (not even boiled eggs).


Natasha Millar

Client Liaison and Operations Manager

The better half of the Millar duo and dog mum to the workshop pet, Orca. Tash brings a positive and cheeky vibe to the team. Along the list of Tash's roles, keeping Zach on his toes is at the top. 

Zach Millar Henderson Site Builder at shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Zach Millar

Construction Manager

Laid back, no probs, can do man. Loves a good joke. Zach is almost as good with his fishing rod as his building tools. Provider of the best tuna steaks on the planet at smoko BBQ's.

Noel Boddington Workshop Manager shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Noel Boddington

Workshop Handyman

Noel loves a beveragino or ten. Jandal/footwear enthusiast. Forklift certified. Self appointed family cook... it was a life or death appointment. 

Sean Newcombe Henderson site at shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Sean Newcombe


Sean likes to complain about Zach because Zach's so awesome. In his spare time he likes to go sight seeing in his boat. Sean can’t tie his shoes properly, but he can build a pretty mean tiny house.

John Parsons Henderson Site Builder shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

John Parsons


Long time builder. When he's not building tiny homes you’ll find John surfing or golfing. Dog lover and father of two, no job too big or tiny.


Bailey Rickwood


Bailey is one of the newest members of the team and brings with him building skills to match his pool playing finesse. Secret skills include fine art in the form of digital paintings which he enjoys doing in his spare time.

Olive Oil Photography

Jonny Davis


Jonny is a Dad of two and wanted a new challenge in his life, so decided to join the team here at Shaye's Tiny Homes. Day two on the job, he was moving one of our homes outside the workshop, trust was built VERY quickly.

Lara Boddington Photographer at shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Lara Boddington


Photographer, storyteller and colour lover. Inspired by diverse cultures, mother earth and peoples unique stories. Lara is also Shaye's older sister and first ever friend.

Tom and Team Plumbers at shaye's tiny homes New Zealand

Tom & Team

Prentice Solutions

A lucky find these guys!! They know their stuff and get the job done. Looking after our plumbing and gas fitting since way back when. 



Bruiser has been known to mistake your lunch for his own, but with those cute puppy dog eyes, he is easily forgiven.

Workshop dog



Workshop dog

Orca thinks there is not enough time in the day for the number of pats that she requires. 

Orca loves a cuddle and is always very excited to greet our customers and clients. 



Workshop dog

Nalalalala doesn't just wag her tail when she's happy, her entire body wiggles instead. Always ready for a tummy scratch and a paws-itive little face around the workshop. 

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