Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to see a tiny house in person, do you have any you can show me?

Yes. We love to show clients around houses that we have under construction and to discuss ideas that they have for their own tiny's. We always have around 5 houses being built in our Auckland workshops so there are usually a few different designs that we can take you through. We can also show you all our different plans. Due to health and safety reasons we only show clients around the houses when builders are not working - so lunch time or after work 4.00pm. We can do Saturday mornings as well.

Viewings are by appointment only so please contact us to make a booking.

Will I need to obtain council consent?

Building Consent

There is ongoing debate among councils as to whether or not a tiny house is a caravan (being exempt from the Building Act) or a permanent structure which means the Building Act would apply. Auckland council have notified Tiny House owners in their region that they consider a THOW as a vehicle and have stated that they are training their officers to this effect.

Resource Consent

The purpose of your tiny house will decide on whether or not you need to obtain resource consent. There are a number of questions that the councils will want to know so we recommend you get in touch with your local council directly to find out exactly what you can and can't do.


Generally speaking, each council has a differing opinion on tiny houses so we recommend that you check directly with your local council whether it be for building or resource consents.

How much does a tiny house weigh?

Tiny houses can weigh anywhere from around 3.5 tonnes up to about 5 tonnes. The weight changes depend on the size of the house, materials used for construction and the amount of pre-built in cabinetry.

Can I tow the house with my own vehicle?

If the house is under 3.5 tonnes as this is the maximum allowed weight to be able to tow on New Zealand roads. Anything above this will need to be hauled by the professionals.

How do I connect to water and electricity?

We use a caravan connection for electricity which can plug into a normal plug point. It is best to be within 100m of the house.

Off grid solar connections are available upon request and start from around $11,000.

Water simply connects into a tap on the property and water tanks with a pump can also be installed if you prefer.

How long will it take to build my new tiny house?

From start to finish construction usually takes anywhere between 10-14 weeks.

Do you use sustainable products?

Where possible, we use sustainably-sourced materials native to New Zealand. 

I'm not familiar with composting toilets, how do they work?

There are a number of different options – it would be best to do your own research on this. However, we often use the simple Bambaloo.

Can I have a plumbed in toilet instead?

If you have resource consent you can plumb into existing grey water systems.​

Can I customise my plan?

Yes, however,  we have so many different plans now that there is usually something similar to what you would like. Moving a few windows etc is no charge but if what you want means we have to redraw all the plans it will cost $1,500

What if I wanted to add-on to my house in the future?

A number of our designs as specially designed so that modules can be added over time. This will need to be discussed when designing your home.

The location I want to put my tiny house has limited/difficult access. What options do I have?

It is best to discuss access with a us or a towing company. Steep hills, sharp corners narrow access, low power lines, trees etc can all cause problems.

We have used cranes to get houses into position in some cases where access is limited.​

Do I need to place the house on foundations?

No, you just need a flat, level surface​. A professionally compacted space the size of your house is the best option if possible but whe have had many houses simply park in a nice flat area. Beware of wet areas! Not a good idea!

The houses seem to be quite high off the ground, how do I get into it?

 Due to the fact the ground levels may vary from site to site, we do not provide stairs. However, if you know your site is level you can request some to be made for your house. Most people have decks made and steps up onto the deck. Temporary steps can be supplied as well upon request.

What are your payment terms?

A non-refundable $5,000 booking fee is required to secure your build spot - this will go towards the total quoted price. Further instalments are then payable 6 weeks prior to start date, 2 weeks prior to start, 4 weeks after start, then the remainder upon completion of your build. These amounts will vary depending on the cost of your build.

Will my house have a warranty?

Yes. All warranties for products used in the build of your tiny house will be passed onto the new
owner. We also provide a Build Warranty of 5 years whereby any issues will be corrected if
they arise and are a result of incorrect workmanship. It will not cover any damage that may
result during transportation of the tiny house (as we cannot control the quality of the towing job
done/accidents etc).


Electrical and Gas work is carried out by our licenced professionals and compliance certificates will be issued upon completion.

Do you ship worldwide?

We have International Partners across the globe who are licenced to build our unique product saving our clients literally thousands' of dollars in shipping fees.