DIY Plans Common Questions

Will I need to obtain council consent?

Building Consent There is ongoing debate among councils as to whether or not a tiny house is a caravan (being exempt from the Building Act) or a permanent structure, which means the Building Act would apply. Auckland council have notified tiny house owners in their region that they consider a THOW as a vehicle and have stated that they are training their officers to this effect. Resource Consent The purpose of your tiny house will determine whether or not you need to obtain resource consent. There are a number of questions that the councils will want answered, so we recommend you get in touch with your local council directly to find out exactly what you can and cannot do. Generally speaking, each council has a differing opinion on tiny houses, so we recommend that you check directly with your local council for questions relating to building or resource consents.

How much can I expect the completed tiny house to weigh?

Weights really depend on the materials, appliances and finishings you choose. As a guide, you should expect the completed build to weigh between 4.5 - 7 tonnes.

Can I tow the house with my own vehicle?

Weight restrictions for towing on light rigid trailers vary greatly between countries. Because of this, we recommend you check the restrictions in your country before buying our plans. Our builds usually weigh between 4.5 - 7 tonnes depending on the materials, appliances, and furniture used.

How do I connect to water and electricity?

We use a 16Amp or 32Amp caravan connections for electricity. We believe it is best to connect to mains power within 100m of the house. Off grid solar connections are available upon request and start from around $11,000. Water simply connects into a tap on the property and water tanks with a pump can also be installed if you prefer.

Can I customise my DIY plan?

You are welcome to get the plans modified to suit your needs however, this is not a service we provide.

Can I buy DIY Plans and find my own builder in my country to build them for me?

YES! You can do this. However, you are only purchasing the plans for the licence to build one tiny house.

Will these plans be suitable in my country?

Our plans have been designed for current New Zealand requirements for THOW. If you are buying the plans to build in another country, we recommend you first check what the legal requirements are for THOW prior to purchasing the plans. If the plans need to be modified to suit your countries requirements, you can modify the plans however, this is not a service we offer.

Are trailer plans included in the Tiny House Plans?

No trailer plans are included. In any of the plans for sale.

Do the plans come in Metric/Imperial Measurements

Yes! All plans include metric and imperial measurements

Are a list of materials included in the plans?

Because there is a huge variation of material options available it can be almost impossible to provide this,so we do not include a list of materials witth the plans.

Can you explain to me how to DIY build my tiny house using your plans?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. If you need help learning how to build we recommend you enrol in a tiny house building workshop, or local build course.

Our Payment Terms


$8,000 A non-refundable $8,000 booking fee is required to secure your build spot - this will go be deducted from your first instalment payment outlined below. This secures your spot in our workshop building schedule.  


Instalment 1

30%. Due 8 weeks prior to build starting date. Preliminary material ordering stage. Includes trailer, joinery and first stage building materials). 


Instalment 2  

25%. Due when your build has internal linings fitted and first fit plumbing and electrics. (Approximately 4 weeks into the build).


Instalment 3

25%. Due when your build has reached the internal fit-out stage. (Approximately 8 weeks into the build).


Instalment 4 

20% Balance remaining of quoted price & any variations to the quoted price. This must be paid in full prior to your tiny house leaving our factory. (Approximately 1 week before delivery).

The Build Process

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