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Tiny Homes Available for Immediate Purchase

Below are the stunning tiny homes we have available at our yard for immediate purchase. All the high quality features that have made us one of the most well respected tiny house companies in the world, without the wait time! If you would like to book a viewing to see any of these homes, please contact us.


Lisa - 12m x 2.8m - 3 bedrooms 


Photos are coming soon as currently this home is still being built! 

This three-bedroom tiny home is built on a 12m trailer with lounge, kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom downstairs, and two full height bedrooms upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a big skylight to draw in as much light as possible to make the space feel even more open. 

With a tiled shower that is 1000mm x 800mm and a luxurious rain shower above, living tiny doesn't necessarily have to mean you have to have small space. 

In the kitchen and lounge you get the full height ceilings from the two storeys to create an open feeling throughout the living space. Topped off with a luxury and large David Trubridge "Navicula" pendant!

This tiny home is built to a luxurious standard!

Sunset lighting, bedroom cabinetry, fridge freezer, and more, email Tash today to enquire about this stunning home! 


OR book in for a workshop tour to come and see it!

PORCH to match the Lisa 


6.5m x 2.8m to match the Lisa tiny home above. 

This porch is alloy framing with rosewood decking, and lights in the ceiling and coloursteel roofing. 


Having a porch extends your living space and acts like another room, a great expansion to your tiny home set up.

Email Tash today 


To see photos of our "Lisa" in previous completed builds, click here.

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