Our South Island Licensee Builder

Interested in our tiny houses but live on the South Island of New Zealand? 

We are excited to announce that the Wanaka Tiny House Factory is now licenced to build our designs. They are very capable and are the only licenced builder of Shaye's Tiny Homes designs in the South Island. Over the past few years we have been turning down South Island builds, because of the expense and effort in transporting our larger THOW (such as the "Hazel" design). We were considering opening a South Island workshop, but then decided to explore the idea of licencing with a quality builder in the South Island who would be able to build our popular designs. This journey led us to connect with the team at the Wanaka Tiny House Factory, Thomas and Jonah.

Wanaka Tiny House Factory

Wanaka Tiny House Factory

Mobile: 02102791516

Website: www.wanakatiny.nz

Email: thomas@wanakatiny.nz

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The first thing that attracted Shaye to working with Thomas and Jonah from The Wanaka Tiny House Factory was their values. They are both members of the not-for-profit Wanaka Tiny House Village working group and they are genuinely passionate about the movement.


Upon visiting them at their workshop and inspecting their builds onsite in Wanaka, we were impressed with their quality and attention to detail. Thomas even shares the love of strawbale buildings (which is one of Shaye's great passions!) and once built a stunningly crafted strawbale home for himself which was a pleasure to visit.

They have also recently spent time visiting our team at our Auckland workshop where we have been sharing ideas and learning from each other.

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