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Complete build starting from $181,000 NZD

This special design features an upstairs bathroom!

This gorgeous little home was an evolution of our Hazel tiny house. The goal was to have a downstairs bedroom that had a full-height standing area plus an upstairs bedroom with our popular wrap around walkway. So, we shifted the bathroom upstairs - a first in the tiny house space! Our first Holly tiny house was built for a lovely man and his 2 children. Our second was built for a young lady who wanted to get a flatmate into the downstairs bedroom. It's a slightly complicated design to build,  but extremely functional and very popular! 

Special features include 

  • TRAILER - built on a 2.8m x 8.5m triple axle trailer with part of the draw bar space being utilised. 

  • HOLLY MEASUREMENTS - 9.2m long (at longest point) x 3m wide x 4.25m tall (including trailer height). 

  • BEDROOMS - 2 bedrooms with the master bedroom upstairs and a spacious second bedroom downstairs.

  • WALKWAY - a full height walkway which safely connects the upstairs bathroom and wraps around the master bedroom (No crouching over upstairs!).

  • UPSTAIRS BATHROOM - a first of its kind! A tiny house with an upstairs bathroom so you don’t need to walk downstairs from the master bedroom to get to the toilet at night.

  • CHEF'S KITCHEN - a stunning and spacious kitchen designed for people who love to cook!

Photos of Holly

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