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April 16, 2020

It's back to basics for single mum in a tiny house during isolation

Shaye Boddington's tiny house measures a mere 8.5m by 2.6m, but that's enough space for her and five-year-old daughter Hazel.

Colleen Hawkes



November 29, 2019

Tiny home let Mum keep loneliness-busting social enterprise running

I connected with an amazing woman called Shaye Boddington, who was from Zimbabwe like I am originally, and we really hit it off. 

Kylie Klein-Nixon



July 15, 2020

This Woman Designed And Built Her Own Tiny House For Herself And Her Daughter

Over the past 6 years, Shaye of Shayes Tiny Homes along with her team has designed and built many tiny houses for their clients, however this time, Shaye, together with her mother, designed and built one for herself and her young daughter.




January 13, 2021

Kiwi diver at peace with walking away from Olympic dream for new passion

You can't accuse Kiwi diver Shaye Boddington of putting all her eggs in one basket.


newstvnz.co.nz-one news

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November 20, 2020

New Zealand tells travellers to live small and think big

In New Zealand, tiny homes mean big experiences. Because of their small footprint and portability, tiny homes are found in some of the country’s most prime locations



August 20, 2020

Springboard diver Shaye Boddington lands lightly on the planet with an innovative 14-sqm tiny house

There’s an exact moment after diver Shaye Boddington springs from the diving board when she feels pure bliss. Gone are the wriggling nerves that preceded her dive. Even before the 2018 Commonwealth Games rep begins her climb up the slippery metal ladder to the springboard

Emma Rawson



December 22, 2020

Four best tiny houses in 2020 include DIY at its best

Tiny houses have continued to grow in popularity through 2020, and some of the most impressive projects have 

Colleen Hawkes



April 13, 2018

Commonwealth Games: The Kiwi athlete designing tiny houses

Kiwi diver Shaye Boddington has been on the Gold Coast competing at the Commonwealth Games, but back home she has a fascinating job waiting for her. The 31-year-old from Auckland 



August 12, 2019

What is a tiny house? It’s an architectural and social movement, a zeitgeist that advocates living simply in small homes.

There is no set definition of a ‘tiny house’; however, a residential structure under 35 square metres is generally considered a tiny house. 

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