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hazel tiny house New Zealand


hazel tiny house New Zealand


hazel tiny house New Zealand


hazel tiny house New Zealand

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Shells to various stages available on inquiry. 


The Steph tiny home design - this compact home feels spacious with high ceilings, heaps of storage and open plan feel. Under the bed platform are two pull-out couches which are also full of storage - they can be pulled out at the same time to form a double bed. The area with the big artwork would be great for a big TV. A great layout for clients who only want a single-level home. 


Cooking with beautiful views everywhere you look

The cleverly designed kitchen has plenty of room for cooking, while still being part of the conversation with the open plan kitchen and lounge space.   Everyone is surprised at the amount of storage and functionality this space provides. The kitchen has a gas oven with 2 burner gas hob, space for a dishwasher, numerous drawers, large pull-out pantry, and space for a fridge. With a two-pane glass slider on one side, and another three-pane glass slider in the lounge, the amount of light and openness this tiny home has is beautiful.

Cleverly designed entertaining space

This bright and open lounge is cleverly designed, with two pull-out couches on wheels with plenty of storage under each seat, you can use these to watch TV, put them together for a double bed, or even put them both away and put a dining table in its place. There are so many options for this space which is perfect for a tiny home.


Main bedroom with plenty of storage

The bedroom has space for a king bed with plenty of storage underneath it and even in the two steps next to the platform. There is a beautiful gas-struct window to allow the sun and views around you, to pour into your bedroom. 

A spacious bathroom

With a large 900 x 900mm shower, vanity unit, fixed or compost toilet, space for a washer/dryer, floor to ceiling shower and with plenty of storage, the bathroom has been designed to feel luxurious without having to compromise any space.


Special features include 

TRAILER - built on a 10m x 2.9m triple axle trailer.

STYLISH OPEN PLAN KITCHEN - This design has a compact, efficient kitchen which opens beautifully into the living area

STEPH MEASUREMENTS - 10m long x 3m wide 

BEDROOM -1 main bedroom on the platform. A second bed with the two pull-out couches doubling as another bed, with plenty of storage under each seat.   

​BATHROOM - Well designed, clever bathroom with full height shower, vanity space, a lot of storage above and around the washer/dryer space and space for a toilet.

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