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Lara DIY Plans

A spacious tiny house, ideal for those wishing to downsize and enjoy retirement! Also great for couples with a back door to add a pod in the future.  Features a main bedroom on the ground floor and a cosy loft for grandchildren's sleepovers or extra storage. A large bathroom, well-designed kitchen, and cosy lounge make this an extremely comfortable Tiny Home.

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House Specs

Floor Space:  30 sqm

Dimensions:  10m x 3m


Height: 4.25m Ground to highest point.


Weight: Approx 6 tonnes excluding trailer

Trailer: Split shift - 600 high. 10m long.  2.8 wide

Framing: Timber W / Steel loft and walkway or full steel frame


Sleeps up to 4

1 Bathroom

2 Bedrooms

Living room


specs lara

What’s included in your Lara DIY Plans?

+ 3D Sketch Up Model!

When Tiny Easy started their own tiny house project, they created a detailed 3D model of their tiny house and tweaked it until perfection…

Because 3D modelling is tricky and takes a lot of time, they built a digital, detailed version of your tiny house for you to explore, and most importantly, change! With this 3D model, you can use your own ideas to make it feel like your own! You can quickly apply your own materials, or tweak your tiny house to your own liking.

Tiny Easy included a step by step starter guide with short videos so you can learn the basics of the Free Online tool Sketch-Up! During the build process, it’s incredibly helpful to have a 3D model at hand, so load this file on your laptop or tablet and take the digital version of your future home with you on-site!



Shaye' s Tiny Homes and Tiny Easy, have joined forces to make your tiny house building journey as easy as possible. We have created these comprehensive plan packages for some of the worlds most popular designs to do exactly that!

Tiny Easy have spent thousands of hours condensing all their knowledge into these plan packages.  Shaye's Tiny Homes have spent thousands of hours creating and refining the designs.  We are  confident that our plans will help you build yourself  a beautiful home. We look forward to seeing photos in the future.

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