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Rent Little Pockets of Your Land for Extra Income


One of the key values of our business is that every situation needs to be Win-Win, for all parties involved. Win for us as a business and our team, win for our clients, and a win for the community as a whole. These are the only situations that we want to be part of creating in this world. 

This is why we have put a resource in place to connect our tiny house clients (looking for a place to park their tiny house) with land owners (looking to earn some income off their land). Another win-win situation which we love being a part of!

Depending on where you are located in the country and what your land is like, land rent costs can be anywhere between $150/week to $300/week. Of course this is a guide only and  we have also seen rates above and below this depending on the site. 

Usually our clients are looking for land to rent for the medium to long term, usually not less than a year. There are formal contracts and agreements we can share to help protect both parties (land owner and tiny house owner) and generally the whole process is pretty smooth sailing and goes very well for all involved!

What to do about power, water and sewerage are always commonly asked questions. Most of our tiny houses have self contained composting toilets, so that side is easy. Power usually requires a 16Amp caravan plug in point and water can be via mains or from a clients own tank supply. None of it is generally too complicated. For those stunning remote spots, our clients can also be completely off grid. 

One of the benefits to having a Shaye's Tiny Home on your land is that you know it will be something of beauty and quality. We usually attract a clientele that are working people with good values. We attract singles, couples and families. They have usually decided to "Go Tiny" because of crazy house prices in New Zealand as well as having a desire to tread more gently on our planet. 

If you'd like to register your land and be connected with people looking for a place to 'park their tiny', please fill out the form below. The more information you give us, the more likely we can connect you with the perfect tiny house tenant. 

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Join the Community of Land Owners and Tiny House Owners Enjoying this Win-Win Setup!

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