DIY Tiny House Plans - The Holly Design

A Development from my own personal home with a priority of 2 highly functional stand up bedrooms

This stunning tiny house design is one we're actually currently building - it's a development of my own personal tiny home "Hazel". The photos you see on this page are of elements of the Hazel design which are identical to the Holly design. Where the Holly design differs is that it has an UPSTAIRS bathroom! This allows for a downstairs bedroom where you can stand up - even an epic full 3.4 meter high zone with a mezzanine net! I'm excited about this design because in all rooms of the house you can stand up - absolutely no full lofts!

*Please note* Pricing is in $US (US$190 equates to just under NZ$300)

Tiny House Plans - Holly Design

Tiny House Plans - Holly Design


Live Your Best Life in This Epic Tiny House Design - Floor Layout

Tiny House Sizing: 2.8 wide versions (9′2) x 8.5 meters (28′) + angled extension over drawbar. Height 4.25 meters (13′11) including trailer. Please enquire for 2.4 meter wide version. 

Entertain to your hearts delight with the massive kitchen!

Identical to the kitchen in my own home, it is spacious, full of storage and an absolute joy to use! Entertaining guests or cooking for a family is easy with all this space!

Relax at the end of the day in your comfortable lounge

This 4 seater sofa fits easily in the dedicated lounge space in the "Holly" design - where the lounge is identical in size and layout to the lounge in my home (pictured below)

2 stunning and highly functional bedrooms!

The bedrooms are the part of this design that I am most excited about! I wanted to design a home where there were no full loft bedrooms and that both rooms were equally awesome.


The upstairs bedroom is identical to the one in my house - highly functional, beautiful and spacious. It features a walkway which wraps around the bed so you can walk around in your bedroom, make your bed and get dressed all while standing comfortably.


The downstairs bedroom in the Holly design is created to be the "funky retreat" - a double bed located on the floor area with a head height of 1.6 meters. To the side of the bed is a full 3.5 meter height area with a mezzanine net and "Chilling" zone at mezzanine level. The idea of this space is that whomever has this room can chillout and watch Telly in their comfy net. There's also the option to have this level as a framed floor in case you want it as a designated sleeping zone for an extra kiddie or even adult. In these plans we've included the steel frame for this area, however it's totally optional!

I will share photos of this space within 2 months as we finish it off for a client.

A Functional Upstairs Bathroom

With the master bedroom being upstairs in this design we wanted to create a bathroom on the same level to make night time toilet stops easier! This does mean that the bathroom is smaller than in our "Hazel" design - but it is still very functional with a 900x900 corner shower, a large vanity and a composting toilet. 

What Do You Get When You Purchase Our Plans?

Thorough birds eye floorplans with detailed measurements and layout descriptions

Detailed Framing Construction Plans in our tried and tested method which uses a combination of steel (for lofts and roof) and timber (for walls) - combining the benefits of both materials in areas that it makes sense. Most of all, it's DIY friendly!

Window/Door schedule

Overviews of how the different frame elements fit and sit together

Tiny House Plans - Holly Design

Tiny House Plans - Holly Design


*Please note* Pricing is in $US (US$190 equates to just under NZ$300)