International Tiny House Builds Common Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

We do not ship our houses overseas from New Zealand. However, we are working with international builders and continue to bring on new partners as the demand for our designs continues to grow at a record pace! Check out our International Builders page for more information.

Can I buy DIY Plans and find my own builder in my country to build them for me?

Yes! You can do this. However, you are only purchasing the plans for the licence to build ONE tiny house.

Our Payment Terms


$8,000 A non-refundable $8,000 booking fee is required to secure your build spot - this will go be deducted from your first instalment payment outlined below. This secures your spot in our workshop building schedule.  


Instalment 1

30%. Due 8 weeks prior to build starting date. Preliminary material ordering stage. Includes trailer, joinery and first stage building materials). 


Instalment 2  

25%. Due when your build has internal linings fitted and first fit plumbing and electrics. (Approximately 4 weeks into the build).


Instalment 3

25%. Due when your build has reached the internal fit-out stage. (Approximately 8 weeks into the build).


Instalment 4 

20% Balance remaining of quoted price & any variations to the quoted price. This must be paid in full prior to your tiny house leaving our factory. (Approximately 1 week before delivery).

The Build Process

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