The Arlo Story

This lovely little home was built for my third client, over 30 builds ago! I still love the design though and think it's a really effective mix of being spacious enough for a small family but compact enough to move around with relative ease. One of the key features in making this home successful for this family was having a downstairs bedroom for their gorgeous little son - a tiny sanctury of his own. Equally important was an indulgent and large sleeping loft area with plenty of storage for the parents. 

Built on a trailer size 2.4 x 8.0 meters with a bump out of 1 meter on the second loft area.

Floor plans coming soon!


Shell Stage

The exterior completely finished with trailer, framing, windows, cladding, flashing, ply wood floors and roofing all in place. 

Please enquire for price


Your tiny house completely finished with the features mentioned above. Ready to drive to it's new spot and become your home!